Course curriculum

  • 1

    Starting Point - Planning Your Podcast

    • START HERE: The First Question- Why

    • Step 2: Who Is Your Podcast For?

    • STEP 3: What is Your What?

    • Making Your Show Different (Yes, People Will Listen To you)

    • Playing To Your Strengths

    • Developing Your Brand (I do X for X so that they can X)

    • Helping You Pick Your Topic With Four P's and Pop tarts

    • Reverse Engineering Exercise

  • 2

    Moving Forward

    • Picking Your Name (and Website URL)

    • Where Will You Podcast?

    • When Will Your Podcast?

  • 3

    Recording Primer

    • Recording Styles Live To Hard Drive & Post Production

    • Always Have Two Recordings

  • 4

    The Podcast Puzzle - Understanding All the Pieces

    • Your Website and Software

    • You Website and Software Resources

    • Media Hosting Do I Need It ?

    • Media Hosting Benchmarks

    • Your Podcast Artwork

    • Your Podcast Artwork and Graphic - Specifications and Resources

    • How Much Does it Cost (Roughly)

    • Recommended Podcast Gear

    • Free isn't Always Free

    • Free Isn't Always Free Overview

  • 5

    As We Wrap Things Up

    • Someone is Doing a Show JUST LIKE MINE

    • Someone is Doing a Show Like Mine - Overview

    • Don't Hurt Your Changes For Growth - Best Practices

    • Don't Hurt Your Chances For Growth