Hidenburg Journalist

Hidenburg Journalist

Powerful Easy to Use Software For Interviews | taught by Dave Jackson

Course description

Hindeburg Journalist is a powerful software designed to be used by journalist doing interviews (but its also great if you're not doing interviews).

As journalists are not always up on technology, it is super easy to use with just the right amount of effects needed to create great sounding audio. For example their compressor, and noise reduction tools have one knob.

This tutorial shows you the cool tips and tricks you can use to edit your podcast without having the spend months finding these golden nuggets. It also helps you avoid the tools that you don't need to mess with (as they are designed for broadcast radio).

Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson
Founder of the School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson is an award-winning podcaster who has been podcasting since 2005.

He is a featured/keynote speaker at events such as Podcast Movement, Podcast MidAtlantic, DC Podfest, Podfest.us, and others.

Author of the book More Podcast Money and My Favorite Podcast Is..Understanding Listener Loyalty

He served as the Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo.

He is best known for founding the School of Podcasting and help hundreds of podcasters launch successful podcasts

His School of Podcasting podcast has (as of 4/18) over 1.7 million downloads.

Hosts the School of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast Coach, Because of My Podcast, Podcast Rodeo Show, More Podcast Money and co-hosts the Podcasters Roundtable podcasts

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Education (specializing in Technical Education) from the University of Akron.

Works for Libsyn.com the largest Podcast Hosting Company