Course curriculum

  • 1

    Being a Guest On Other Podcasts

    • Pitching Yourself as a Guest

    • Stop the Shenanigans

    • Another Bad Podcast Pitch

  • 2

    Creating Engaging Interviews

    • Where to Find Guests

    • Insights From Two Master Interviewers

    • Automated Scheduling Tools to Avoid the No Shows

    • How to Say No to Guests that Don't Fit Without Crushing Their Soul

    • The Big Name Myth

    • Not Just Questions: Crafting Questions That Lead to Stories

    • Interview With Radio Veteran (and Content Specialist) Erik K Johnson

    • Erik K Johnson Interview Bonus Content

    • The Ultimate Guest Checklist

    • After You Press Record - My Desk Configuration

    • EXTRA: Dear My Podcaster - From Podcast Pioneer Chris Brogan

  • 3

    Editing an Interview

    • The Half Processed Thought

    • Low Haning Fruit - Removing, Um, Crutch, Um Words